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Always be iterating

We imagine and create technology that makes the world more productive. Our goal is to change the way organisations build digital products so that the emancipatory power of software can be realised.

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A common ingredient in all disruptive innovations is a very high level of interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis of knowledge from different perspectives. H&C Insights is our contribution to this open discussion and we hope it will help start conversations and provide a spark for new ideas.

Latest projects

Since 2010 Hack and Craft has been building and launching tech ventures for large organisations. Using a unique iterative methodology and a global team of the best engineers and designers in the world we are passionate about solving the hard problems.


Science and technology are the principal drivers of human progress. The creation of technology is hindered by many problems including cost, access to expertise, counter productive attitudes to risk, and lack of iterative multi-disciplinary collaboration. We believe that the failure of technology to properly empower organisations is due to a misunderstanding of the nature of the software creation process, and a mismatch between that process and the organisational structures that often surround it.