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Group-booking platform


Great American Days is the leading experience booking agent in the US. They bundle a vast number of independent event operators in one online presence ready for booking.

Great American Days is the leading experience booking agent in the US. They bundle a vast number of independent event operators in one online presence ready for booking.

Problem / Opportunity

Great American Days recognised that event operators couldn’t fill their events to maximum efficiency, but if they were to do so, they could pass on these efficiencies to customers. They needed to find a way of incentivising many people to join one event. They also wanted this solution to become a fully-fledged booking platform and essentially to become the one stop shop booking platform for experience organisers.

Innovation Team

We assembled an innovation team around the Founder consisting of business model innovators, UX experts, designers and senior architects. In a discovery workshop we arrived at the group-booking model with dynamic discounts. By offering discounts and booking extras we turn each participant into an event promoter. This generates free advertising for the operator through the social media reach of each individual promoter. At the same time, it guarantees much better resource utilisation for operators as everyone is incentivised to join a single event and gain larger group discounts.


Early on we realised that explaining the group concepts might be a great challenge. We storyboarded and wireframed possible user journeys always with a focus on explaining the group dynamics clearly and prominently. We tested these early on and with the feedback we began development iterations. With a working prototype from sprint one we constantly got more relevant feedback and improved the booking platform until we had the launchable MVP. The MVP included a white labelled booking service that connects agents and experience operators on a 360-degree event management and booking platform.

The platform itself is, at its core, a distributed booking system with a well-documented RESTful API, multiple white labelled Angular Web Apps, a complete CI solution & testing harness and hosted in the Azure cloud on highly available infrastructure.


FullSeats is live at, it is fully integrated into Great American Days and delivers the group booking dynamics and event management capabilities envisioned. Compared to the previous booking solution operators now enjoy a 60% higher resource utilisation. Moreover, only half as many events get cancelled because they don’t achieve minimum participant numbers.

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